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“Utterly amazing, a spectacular coin inside an awesome wooden box within a beautiful box within another beautiful box. Amazing packaging professionally wrapped and shipped. Crest, Arrow metal and seal. Mind = blown! Thank you sir.”


I personally love receiving letters like this unexpectedly. Thank you!!

“Hi Joseph,

I hope you are well.

Today is November 17 and I just received my mail.

Your shipment is here and I am speechless. So much so that when I opened your package and glanced at the context, tears came to my eyes.

Everything which you promised has been delivered and I couldn’t be happier! Please let me explain further.

This coming weekend is my Dad’s Birthday. I have been teasing him for the past few weeks and even asked him about the Arrow picture which he gave me so long ago. During our conversation he shared something with me that explains his deep rooted affection for this magnificent airplane. It turns out that he once worked on the plane as a young man and played a part in the manufacturing of the landing apparatus of the Arrow.

He swears that the best book ever written about this “Bird” is one which he gave my son a number of years ago. I am reading it now. (see attached).

Joseph, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your efforts here, not only for those towards me personally, but also for those towards your fellow countrymen who shall surely hold a debt of gratitude towards you. You are first class in my books and I know my Dad will cry buckets of tears when he sees his next birthday present.

Please sign me up and subscribe me for every other coin you plan to produce in the name of Canada, her people and the RCAF.

***** ******”




(I just wanted to share this with you all here.)

<I slightly pulled away the protective plastic that I’m leaving on so customers can pull away it for themselves to expose the Super clean surface.Jjust look at that eh! Wow! I’m so proud of this work and sharing it with outstanding Canadians!>


“I recently received my Avro Arrow coin. It is beyond my expectations. First thing I noticed was a personal message from Joseph on the inner packaging. This truly was a labour of love for him. The coin is stunning however, it is the attention on the coin and in the presentation that are marvelous. Excellent work Joseph and Beaverworks Mint.”


“Well I’m proud to say the arrow has landed thank you so much Joseph Green for letting me own a great piece of Canadian history it’s even more beautiful than any picture.”



“Received your coin today. Beautiful, more impressed than I thought I would be. Beautiful work.”



“I have received my coin, thank you very much. Love the artwork and the subject itself. I grew up in the military, my father worked in Radar so I lived on many air force bases, Canadian and the US. This is a nice addition to my collection.



“Great Sunny Sunday Joe,

The Avro Arrow coin is beautiful!
I’m so pleased to have one thanks to all your hard work and clear vision.
I really appreciated your personal touches with the note on the bubble rap and the continued follow up on the progress.

The new coins are also beautiful. Well done. Bravo Zulu!

Success is to life as sunshine is to stained glass.

You have provided the sunshine.



LCol ************* *********** (ret’d)”


“Hi Joe
Love the coin!
Gave it to my dad for his birthday and he was speechless.
Thanx so much.
Take care.”