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April 2023 Update

Hello Everyone!

First, please accept my personal apology for the length of time since our last update. You would not believe what we have gone through in order to reach this point. I will go further into detail in a future post, but here is a breakdown to explain where we are at. We are moving into a new and larger studio. We have secured funding and have purchased a brand new, world class, high speed minting system which will be here in about a month or so. When everything is setup and dialed in, we will be able to melt, form, roll, strike blanks, strike proof medallion coins at a maximum throughput at approximately 24 000 coins per day. We have been blessed with having literally the finest backers and patient collectors in the world. To all of you, thank you. Truly. Now, the new studio is amazing, we had to essentially renovate a large garage to meet our needs, well I had to. The process is ongoing. Having to dismantle the current setup has been a monsterous undertaking and its still not over. The renovations have been underway for the past few months, the move of our gear has taken multiple trips as having to figure out the layout of how the new space will function the way we need is a time consuming undertaking, but we are almost there. Our 400T press which was damaged has taken months to repair and is ready for testing once all the electrical has been run for it and the new system slated to arrive. We have so much…so much to move, take great care to move everything as to not damage it and set everything up again. As a one man operation, its painfully time consuming. However its almost there.

Now, here is my request for right now. Please hold off on ordering anything for the time being as the final stage of this epic move and updated capability for Beaverworks Mint is to do a comprehensive, top to bottom renovation of our website and make some much needed changes, update our security, shopping cart and payment processing as PayPal has been giving us some issues. For that, we don’t know why, but for now, please hold off until I give the all clear please. That update will happen as soon as possible and will be an absolute joy to do as it will be the capstone on this epic new chapter for us. Once we have our new minting system installed and operational, we plan on sprinting to the finish line of completing the 100 Collection and embarking on new and exciting new designs. We are also beyond excited to finally show off the packaging for the Golden Arrow which has taken years of effort. It will be our finest work ever produced.

We have also not advertised over the last few years because when the decision was made to build our own mint from the ground up, it was a decision made because we felt that we had no other choice as no other company could either deliver on our quality standards we have established, meet our scheduling requirements or something else. This work is not easy…NOT EASY AT ALL….man…..not easy….its been the absolute hardest chapter of my life and with the loss of my father last year, it was a painful blow as I am sure all of you can imagine. However, we are almost there. I will post pictures of our new studio layout, our new equipment and everything once we are good to go. Eventually once we feel we are able, we will also be able to offer private minting services to groups if they are interested. So stay tuned. Once again, I apologize for the length of time this update has taken, working 18 hours a day, 7 days a week towards this, I had no time at all up to make any website updates. I apologize for the Payment Processing issue, I will solve that so it will be an amazing experience so please just hold off for now until we are ready if you don’t mind. I don’t want to accept any more orders until we are able to be able to ship them out on the same day or within 24 hours. Having to request people to wait for an unreasonable amount of time is just not cool in my books. However, there are no words to convey how excited I am to be almost ready to begin using a world class minting system and having a dialed, calibrated and world class system.

I will post pictures and will be making more routine update postings as time goes on and we spin this up properly. So stay inspired, stay tuned and I look forward to providing the quality of service and product you have all come to expect from Beaverworks. To all of our collectors, thank you for your immense patience. Every single order will be filled that is on back order and will be shipped out as quickly as we can possibly turn it out once our system is operational. Honestly, you people are truly amazing. I cannot even begin to convey how much respect, love and awe I have for all those who have believed in me, us and this. Truly. I’m trying as hard as I can, I’m committed, dedicated, driven and slowly its all coming together….we are almost there and once we are, we will never again ever, and I mean EVER have the rug pulled out from us ever again like it was. Ever. That was just totally not cool. Oh well….well now we have our own mint, so onward and upwards! YAY!

Thank you again, Stay tuned and I will post again very soon.

Very sincerely and humbly,


Golden History


Welcome Back!!!

What an Undertaking!!

July 2021 Update

Hi everyone! We have been absolutely focused on acquiring all the tooling and fabricating capability to resume minting and we are almost finished. 16 hours a day, 7 days a week…we are almost there. I will post a more comprehensive update shortly. All outstanding orders will be filled and shipped along with some compensation to everyone once we are back up, then we will resume the completion of the 100 Collection and will be focused on fabricating and shipping out our Golden Arrows first. I apologize for the long overdue delay…truly. Its been an exhausting undertaking and we are almost there. Once we cross that point, you watch how fast we resume.

Stay tuned for a more comprehensive update shortly.




November 1, 2019

Hi everyone! Please accept my apology for this long overdue update. Here is what happened. Earlier this summer, we were forced to move our entire studio on only 2 weeks notice as our landlord was heading into foreclosure and it caught us completely off guard. All the renovations, work, time, effort, energy, love, hope and optimism that was invested into this studio, was like a rug that was pulled out from under us. We had to not only pack 2 large spaces up but also had to find a suitable location for us to maintain operations. After leaving us scrambling, we finally found a temporary location to operate from until we secure a more long term solution. I cannot begin to convey the level of extreme exhaustion this process has incurred as not only did the entire studio needed to be moved, but the temporary space needed to be renovated. It is only now that things are beginning to come back “online” so to speak. At present, we are in the process of securing more tooling so we can unilaterally produce our work with little to no down time we have experienced thus far. Due to this move, I have all but halted all marketing and sales until everything is back to normal so I can facilitate the high speed turn around time we have worked tirelessly to establish. We look forward to getting things back to normal so we can meet our target of completing this objective of the 100 collection by 2024. During this process, you may still continue to order coins and they will be shipped within 48 hours. The Century Coin is in development and we are examining options at this time to act as a stop gap measure until our facilities are operational. We have as you can see, have produced our first Gold issue and once things get back to normal operations, we will be able to offer these as we have temporarily paused taking orders for now. At present, only two have been manufactured and will be shipped in short order.

Its been a very exhausting, unexpected and difficult chapter we had to contend with, but we are slowly driving through. Stay tuned for more information. We are excited and inspired as this was in hindsight, a step we needed to take to ensure our long term prosperity. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. Once the Century coin is finished, we will include at no extra charge, a complimentary Silver Dart coin to compensate all collectors for this unreasonable delay.


Joseph Green

Beaverworks Mint

We are exceptionally proud and honoured to announce that we have signed an agreement with British Columbia based Kis Capital to enable every collector who would like to purchase our first Gold Issue dedicated to the Avro Arrow, the opportunity to finance the purchase. This company is absolutely amazing and when we applied for their service, they had us activated faster than we could update the website. They provide a wonderful payment arrangement for collectors with no penalties for early repayment and instant approval! In honour of the last Avro Arrow, RL-206, no more than 206 of these will ever be made. With the exception of serial numbers RL-200 – RL-206, each package will be custom painted according to your creative wishes and you may include a personalised message within the display box made from Birds Eye Maple sourced from Northern Ontario. Serials RL-200 – RL-206, will have metal we have from the Avro Arrow program for the box top, so here is your chance to own a piece of this legendary aircraft program.

We are exceptionally honoured to announce that we have secured the funding we need in order to commence with the production of our first gold issue:The Golden Arrow! This unique, 2.01 Troy Oz. of .9999 Fine Gold, Select Platinum Plate, Full Colour Printing, Serial Edge Marks will set the global standard in immaculate minting quality.

The Golden Arrow represents the finest level of minting accomplishments possible and we are proud to announce our first coin will be shipping out to our first collector by June 1, 2019 or sooner. This startup tooling process is a very expensive undertaking and all production will be on a per-order basis until we can generate enough revenue to build up inventory to provide an immediate delivery. This coin comes with custom, hand crafted packaging with options for our collectors to select the exterior and interior colours and collectors may submit a message and photograph if they wish to have it encased within the packaging so that customers may have their words escort their Golden Arrow as it flies through the blue skies of time as it gets passed down from generation to generation.

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Golden Arrows

We are honoured to finally and after long last, announce that we have secured enough resources in order to proceed with the production of our first world class, unique Gold Coin issue dedicated to Canada’s favourite aerospace daughter, the Avro Arrow. We will be commencing with die production in early 2019 and will be producing our first gold issue. After examining all aspects and with our recent access to fund production of the basic tooling setup, we have decided a few things: we will be proceeding with fabrication of our first Gold Issue commencing in January 2019.

Due to the exceptional costs associated with this, we will manufacture these on an as ordered basis until we can build up our own inventory. We are excited to announce this and we look forward to publishing pictures of the final coin when it finished to show the world. We have also decided that due to the exceptional cost of these, we are offering collectors the unique opportunity to have their words housed within the custom packaging so that as times goes on, their words will accompany the coin from generation to generation. We have also decided that Collectors may choose any interior and exterior colours they wish (within reason), include a message and a photograph we will include in the packaging sealed under a durable high gloss transparent resin to protect it for generations to come to escort the coin through time, so that in 100 years from now, their name will fly in the blue sky of time along side the Golden Arrow.

“What I am most looking forward to is being able to enjoy the quiet and serene process of making these custom packages for each collector. In the minting process and with our current packaging we have, although I did all the design work, the manufacturing process was not done by me personally. With the Golden Arrow, it will give me the opportunity to make my grandfathers proud by quietly making each package as I follow in their carpentry legacy. With the interior, I get to honour my grandmothers & my Great Aunt Mary as they were seamstresses and I get to work with fine fabrics, magnificent embroidery, all in a quest to create a magnificent bed for this tribute to Canadian Military Aerospace to reside within. It is my goal to ensure every possible measure is taken in the construction of these custom packages, so that the packaging may last as long as the coin.This coin and package are my own personal contribution to the legacy to the Arrow, those who built her, the Royal Canadian Air Force and Canada. It demands my absolute best and then once I get there, kick it into afterburner and push it even further. All of this is for Canada because Canada is Our nation, Our Culture, Our Air Force and our home. With being provided metal from the the Avro Arrow program to place into the first 7 box tops, for me, it will almost represent a fusion between a religious experience and a clean room at IBM.”

Greens Grandparents Olga & Eugene Letawsky, Great Aunt Mary Muzyka and Mike and Anne & Mike Hwozdeki (Baba & Gido)

– Joseph Green

Headed into Production!

Our first 7 coins up for sale will feature hand crafted wooden packaging along with metal from the Avro Arrow program supplied to us for the box top. That sacred piece of Avro Arrow metal will feature a laser engraved image and serial number honouring each of the original Avro Arrow aircraft made including the first full scale wooden mock up: RL-200 – RL-206. A rich, royal red fabric interior features an embroidered crest of the RCAF, the current and previous flag of Canada, a depiction of the Avro Arrow and more. Due to the high cost of production manufacturing will be done on a per coin basis. Coins other than RL-200 – RL-206 will have a wooden box top with a custom machined surface with hand painted features. Stay tuned for more images of the coin and packaging coming soon! Members of the 250 Club may have their serial numbers allocated for this coin if they wish to exercise that option.

The first coin we expect to be completed and shipped by June 1, 2019, but all efforts have been made to accelerate that turn around time. We have changed the Maximum Mintage to remove any ambiguity and have now set the maximum mintage to 206 in total.


Century Coin

A Century of Service

100 Years of the RCAF!

We are proud to introduce the Century of RCAF History Coin. This coin features 1 Troy Oz. of .9999 Fine Silver with Serialised Edge Marks, Select Gold Plate and highlights the Canadian Maple Leaf placed atop 12 smaller Maple Leaves, one for each Province and Territory within Canada. This coin has undergone a journey to arrive in this final state, and we are looking forward to shipping this in 2019 following the shipment of the Spitfire Correction.

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Home Alternative





2019 Update. We Renewed our Agreements with the RCAF Association!

Hello everyone! After being frozen for 7 months, we have finally been able to traverse the complex government layers to finally renew our legal authorisations to resume our work! There are no words to express how challenging this has been. Just as we finished producing 100 more Arrows, our contract expired and we were halted in our tracks, cash flow halted and needless to say, it has been an immense challenge to keep moving. Well now that we have passed that chapter, we can begin to resume moving forward.

Okay, let’s get right to it. Okay my ultra awesome most beloved and patient epic supporters who bought a Spitfire coin from Beaverworks, the coins are finished and the only thing left is to make the final payment which we did but due to a clerical error, we were not furnished with the complete invoice and the one we paid left a shortfall, one that we were planning to pay once we generated enough revenue through sales but we were halted right at the worst possible time. As such, this delay is NOT anyone’s responsibility other than mine and Beaverworks. Everyone who has tracked the Spitfire project knows just how immensely frustrating it has been resulting in the wrong variant chosen for the Battle of Britain resulting in the Misprint and what seems like countless production delays. That being said, everyone who has exhibited the wonderful and gracious patience with this particular coin, I have decided to gift everyone a free Avro Arrow coin with premium packaging as my personal gift as compensation to you all. This represents about an $8500.00 loss, but let me be clear, I am absolutely dedicated to ensuring that the reputation of Beaverworks and me personally is absolutely pristine. When you deal with Beaverworks Mint, you are dealing with someone utterly obsessed with quality, integrity, honour, grace, dignity and unmatched perfection in quality of work. When I screw up, I accept responsibility and make it right. You people mean the absolute world to me for supporting this vision, have exhibited patience and for being the most shockingly gracious and patience which I can only describe as utterly divine, I won’t break faith ever. So, with that said, all the profits on the Spitfire are a wash because of the screw ups, frankly I don’t care about that. We can always earn more profit, but your respect and trust is something I utterly revere and I just wanted to say thank you for trusting Beaverworks. Now that we have emerged from the frozen state and things have begun to move again, it won’t be long now. Once I am ready to ship the Spitfires, I will include the Arrows as I would prefer to save on shipping fees. As a small business, every dollar is critical, but make no mistake, its insignificant to the profound respect I have for each of you all. So with that said, thank you to you all. I hope this message finds you well, you are preparing for the Christmas season with family, friends and loved ones. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I extend my very best wishes to you and your family for the holiday season.

With the move into developing the Golden Arrows, this is critical. We need 7 to proceed and with the first 7, I secured metal from the Arrow program, Birds Eye Maple from Northern Ontario for these packages and when these babies are finished, I won’t be satisfied unless the coin and packaging accompanying it, is not the absolute finest in global minting history. I have decided to tie the minting production limits to a time period rather than amount and extend the opportunity to as many Canadians as possible who may want a coin. Beaverworks can’t afford to house at this point anyway, large gold bullion reserves, but we can make this. You have seen our work, we have established a ridiculously high standard and pedigree of work and this will set the absolute highest benchmark technically and artistically possible. Every conceivable angle, permutation, combination as to every aspect of this coin has been examined, why and how and now, its time to move forward. If we can sell 206, we will have enough capital liquidity to finish the entire 100 Collection regardless of if anyone purchases the collection or not. To me, that is important to ensure these get finished for Canadian Artistic posterity. However it is my hope we can sell tens of thousands in the coming years.

That being said, this Golden Arrow opportunity is a giant risk for us in terms of risking our credibility, but we are going all in. We are absolutely certain and confident we can deliver any amount of orders and absolutely ensure that each coin and packaging is utterly magnificent regardless of the number produced. This is a one time opportunity. We will not be making any surpluses of this coin and this should be regarded as an artistic performance piece that is addressing time and enabling Canadians to participate in it. For more information on that, please read the description here:

If the Golden Arrows are a success, then we are open to producing other limited edition Gold Coins with that same 2.01 Troy Oz. of Gold content. Why 2.01? Because our love for the Arrow started it all and in terms of the global landscape of staking out our own turf and identity, we are the only ones in the world minting 2.01 Troy Oz Gold coins at this level.

We need 7 sales to activate this, once we have the sales, either through the auction or regular purchases, we will immediately begin production of the dies. At the end of the deadline for accepting orders, we will purchase the bullion and then proceed into production. I am quoting a June 1 delivery date but rest assured, I gave us a long lead time to ensure I can get it out the door before that date. After the Spitfire lessons, um no thank you! lol.

I have absolutely no idea as to how many of these will sell, if any. But one thing is for certain, if 7 sell, then I will have you all to thank for providing me with the opportunity to become that Canadian Artist that produced these magnificent golden droplets of our Canadian soul. We need an economic Adrenalin shot and frankly speaking, I have no clue on how to design, develop and deliver a finer coin and package. So with that said, I have to finish updating this entire site and begin marketing again. As the sole person driving this, it is my sincere hope this become a nationally known initiative and thousands of Canadian families purchase this. This my friends will be the one opportunity to buy one. I’ve pried open the door of Arrow history, pulled energy from the love we all share for her and this…all of this, comes from our collective love for the Arrow and Canada. Once the door closes, its closed. If people want to finance it, contact me and I can help arrange financing. To start we will accept cheques and no cheques will be deposited unless I can be absolutely certain I can deliver. Once I am certain, then my friends….then….be prepared for a hyper obsessed artist to deliver the most magnificent coin ever made to you and your family. one that you can take immense pride in, one that you can pass down for generations and take pride knowing that you have directly advance Beaverworks.

So with that said…welcome back my friends. Its good to come back inside from the frozen cold.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the website.


Joseph Green

Beaverworks Mint

It gives us great pleasure to share with you our great news of announcing that the Ontario Numismatist Magazine has published a story about our Avro Arrow world class, 1 Troy Oz. .9999 fine silver coin.

The Spitfire Correction is nearly completed and we expect to begin shipping soon. Once the Spitfire ships, the next step is to examine the redesign of our Canada 150 coin. Due to the lack of sales, we have decided that as a way to ensure this is a profitable coin, we need to ensure that it will remain as a contemporary and timeless coin consistent with the 100 years of celebration. Once we have come up with a suitable design, we will contact each of our collectors who purchased one to consult with them about either issuing a refund or allow them to allocate their payment towards that coin. The overall design will remain the same, however we will remove any reference to Canada 150.

To our collectors who have remained with us as our 250 Club, in order to remain within the club to ensure they receive their serial number, they will be required to obtain that coin. Due to the amount of orders we receive, the administrative challenge associated with ensuring these wonderful people receive their serial number, increases considerably as does the stress. Once collectors decide to omit a coin, for whatever reason, although entirely understandable, as a single individual, I cannot begin to convey to you the stress this induces to ensure I deliver with precision, each and every coin, consistent with each serial number for specific collector, this causes and so, for each one that drops off, it reduces the amount of complete collections collectors have and as such, increases the rarity. The only way to ensure members of this club receives their serial number is to purchase each coin as we open up pre-orders. If collectors do not wish to purchase each coin as we issue it, then they are free to differ, however we cannot guarantee they will receive the same serial number. So to ensure you maintain your spot, we graciously request you ensure your spot by ordering your Canada 150 coin, notwithstanding it will be changing in short order. Once we proceed into production which will be as soon as possible as resources allow, then only those who have retained their number, will have their numbers reserved. As an artist, I am more interested in creating elite and hyper rare collections for our collectors than becoming profitable. When I started this, my sole intention was to design something as elite as possible with a sole focus on beauty and producing something truly world class and costs played absolutely no role in this whatsoever. When collectors came on board who want to be part of the 250 Club, that meant they are in for the entire collection. I would repay their support by helping them build a truly unique collection. I am more inclined to ensure and enforce those elite standards of collections to state that if in order to maintain their position, they respectfully maintain their spot, otherwise to ensure that I am fair to those who have purchased a coin, when production commences, those numbers will be severed from the collection. If by the end of this process, only a tiny handful have the complete collection with their identical serial numbers, like even less than 6 people world wide exist, then as an artist, that would be the ideal. The less people that have a complete collection, the better. So…last call for those of the 250 Club to purchase the soon to be redesigned 150 coin. If by the time production commences shortly, if by then, those in the club have not secured their spot, they will lose their reserved number. 

I will be updating our website shortly, across the board, and will resume marketing our coins by publishing advertisements in a variety of publications beginning with the publication at CFB Trenton. As a small company, financed entirely by myself, I can only move so fast with what resources I have at my disposal. We don’t have the luxury of having a government backing this, or a large wealthy donor. I’m one guy, on a mission, to do what I can to honour this country, her Air Force and those who serve. This past year has especially been a challenging one due to personal reasons. As time goes on and we can regain our momentum, I hope we can get into a clockwork-like production to ensure we can meet our target of completing the collection by 2024. For me, as a Canadian Artist, believe me when I say I am doing everything I can to keep driving forward. I intentionally have paused marketing until the Arrows came in because I grew fatigued of having to explain when they would arrive. Now that they have, marketing will resume, as will generating revenue.

Hopefully later this year, as time goes on, we can continue to expand and produce some truly wonderful works which continue to make Canadians proud.

We are also examining the watches and hopefully we will have a more permanent solution soon which we can offer to the general public. We have sourced a wonderful and elite watch maker in France and once we have enough to produce a prototype, at approximately $5000.00, we will order one up as a proof of concept for those interested in an elite RCAF time piece.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me through our website. I am so confident in the world class nature of our coins that I offer a %100 money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. If you don’t like it, and as long as you don’t remove the coin from its protective capsule and damage its finish, I’ll offer a lifetime guarantee on each coin. As in my lifetime. If you come to me and want your purchase price returned in 30 years from now, as long as the coin remains undamaged, I’ll honour that. Why? Because I personally stand behind world class work.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience with my lack of forward motion. I won’t ever stop, I may be slowed from time to time, but I will never stop, I won’t disappear nor will evade any potentially irate customer or inquiry. I ensure we go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy to absolutely ensure that as long as we handle the sacred and protected markings of the Royal Canadian Air Force, we consistently set the precedent in customer service excellence.

I wish you all the best for 2018 and I am excited for the future.


Joseph Green

Beaverworks Mint

J.A.D. McCurdy & The Silver Dart

Beaverworks Mint is ABSOLUTELY HONOURED to unveil and announce The Silver Dart coin. This labour of love required over a year in order to bring into reality and sculpted by our Master Senior Sculptor William Woodruff. The Silver Dart was the first aircraft to fly in Canada and the British Empire. Flown by J.A.D. McCurdy, commemorates with the blessing of his family, this monumental moment in Canadian aviation history. McCurdy went on to found the Royal Canadian Air Force and establish an elite level of excellence still found today within the Royal Canadian Air Force. Featuring 1 Troy Oz. of Proof Quality .9999 Fine Silver, Select Gold Plate, The Crown of His Majesty King George VI, Full Colour Printing, Edge Markings, serial numbers and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. Ships immediately. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.

The Battle of Britain Spitfire (Corrected Version)

This is a general approximation of the corrected Spitfire. This labour of love required over a year in order to bring into reality and sculpted by our Master Senior Sculptor William Woodruff. The corrected Spitfire will feature 3 propeller blades instead of 4 and 6 wing mounted guns instead of 2. Featuring 1 Troy Oz. of Proof Quality .9999 Fine Silver, Select Gold Plate, The Crown of His Majesty King George VI, Full Colour Printing, Edge Markings, serial numbers and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. Currently in production and will ship later this year. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.

The Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane

Beaverworks Mint is ABSOLUTELY HONOURED to unveil and announce The Battle of Britain Hawker Hurricane. This labour of love required over a year in order to bring into reality and sculpted by our Master Senior Sculptor William Woodruff. Featuring 1 Troy Oz. of Proof Quality .9999 Fine Silver, Select Gold Plate, The Crown of His Majesty King George VI, Full Colour Printing, Edge Markings, serial numbers and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. Ships immediately. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.

The Battle of Britain Spitfire Misprint – Only 100 Minted

This coin began as a general tribute to the Spitfire and over time, our Chief Designer, decided to dedicate it to the Battle of Britain. Due to the exhaustion of our Chief Designer Joseph Green, chose the wrong variant of Spitfire for the Battle of Britain. It was only after these were minted, was the discovery of this mistake was brought to his attention and the decision was made to terminate any further production. The dies were decommissioned and no further coins will be minted. As a way to recoup the costs associated with this mistake, each of these misprints sells for $195.00 and comes with Premium Packaging included (A $30.00 value!) These magnificent coins feature the Crest of the RCAF with the Crown of His Majesty King George VI, 1 Troy Oz. of .9999 Proof Quality Fine Silver with Select Gold Plate, Full Colour Printing, Edge Markings, serial numbers, sculpted by our Master Senior Sculptor William Woodruff  and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. Ships immediately. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.


The Avro Arrow – RL-201

Below is our magnificent coin dedicated to the Legendary Avro Arrow. This magnificent bird of prey, designed and built by Canadians for the Royal Canadian Air Force showcases the absolute best qualities in Canadian Aerospace excellence. This was the very first coin designed and produced by Beaverworks and right from the start, our core focus was on producing the absolute finest product possible and as a result, these were the first coins ever minted to feature all of these combinations. We are honoured to be able to offer this very special coin to collectors. Featuring 1 Troy Oz of .9999 Fine Silver, Proof Quality, Select Gold Plate, Full Colour Printing, current crest of the RCAF, edge markings, serial numbers and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. We are currently in the process of producing more and so they are on back order and will ship later this year. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.


New Premium Packaging!

We are proud to also show off our new premium, high gloss, piano black, wooden packages which feature the crest of the of the Royal Canadian Air Force and its official Tartan in full colour. We are excited to offer these new packages in our premium option. We have waited it seems like forever for these to arrive.


Welcome to the Beaverworks Mint. We are a small, private group that has an agreement with the Royal Canadian Air Force Association under a sub-licensing agreement to reproduce the protected markings of the Royal Canadian Air Force and we are dedicated to producing world class minted, fine silver coins dedicated honouring the history and legacy of the Royal Canadian Air Force. We are one of the few groups in Canada legally authorized to reproduce the protected markings of Royal Canadian Air Force which bears the crown of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our vision is to produce The 100 Collection: 100 different coins by 2024 to celebrate 100th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Canadian Air Force. If you are a museum or organization that would like to carry our coins, please contact us!

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We have embarked on producing world class, elite level, fine silver minted coins. We have been patient, methodical and precise in our development to ensure a responsible growth and work tirelessly to establish ourselves as committed to the finest in quality and customer service. As a small Canadian company, our mission is to produce world class minted coins of the highest proof quality of 1 Troy Oz of .9999 Fine Silver, featuring select Gold Plate, edge markings, serial numbering, premium packaging options and individual attention to detail for every single order. We are in this for the long haul and we look forward to establishing a lovely base of amazing collectors.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks to each and everyone who believed is us to bring our first coin issue to fruition. We have spoken with many of collectors and we are deeply honoured for such amazing feedback! We have poured our hearts and souls into our work and we are truly humbled to be so warmly received by so many and we are honoured to have been written about in the Canadian Aviator Magazine! Thank you. 🙂

Canadian Aviator Magazine showcases coins made by the Beaverworks Mint
Canadian Aviator Magazine publishes a story in the March/April 2016 issue about our coins. We are eternally grateful for the support and our thanks to Mr. David Nagy for the interview.
Beaverworks Mint proudly donated a complete set of our latest coins to the Equitas Society as a way to help raise funds to assist in wounded Veterans in restoring benefits. For more information, please visit www.EquitasSociety.ca


We would also like to announce that we are honoured and exceptionally proud to be working with to support the vision of a stellar superwoman: Ms. Vicki Torrie. She is a proud member of the Royal Canadian Legion (as am I now for 13 years) of the Edmonton Kingsway Branch #175 and she is working with us to help sell our coins to the Legion members. For every coin that she sells, we will allocate %5 of a royalty which at her request will be donated for the specific intention of paying down the principal of mortgage. The Legion is such an important organization here in Canada and helps out so many Veterans and she is an amazing woman, filled with heart to heart hugs and it is a privilege to work with her.  She also leads a group titled Supporting Our Veterans and we are helping her group out in any and all ways we can. We are donating one of our coins to a fundraising gala she is organizing.


Our Wax Seal for the members of The 250 Club.

Beaverworks Fine Swiss Made RCAF Watches

We are only interested in producing the high end and below are examples of some of our watches we have produced. Check back over time as we will be adding these to our catalog.


HCol Gerald Haddon poses with two Silver Dart. The grandson of J.A.D. McCurdy, HCol Gerald Haddon holding his copies of the two coins I gave him as my way of thanking him for allowing me the honour and privilege of commemorating his grandpa for being the first man to fly in Canada and the British Empire….J.A.D. McCurdy had Pilot’s license number “1”. Indeed an honour.

Producing the worlds finest takes times, patience and dedicated love. Thank you to our collectors for all your amazing patience and support.

The Mynarski Memorial Lancaster Bomber

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Beaverworks Mint is ABSOLUTELY HONOURED to unveil and announce The Mynarski Memorial Lancaster Bomber VeRA…the most famous Lancaster Bomber in the world. This coin is dedicated to Andrew Mynarski V.C., all air and ground crews who flew in or supported the Lancasters. This labour of love required over a year in order to bring into reality and sculpted by our Master Senior Sculptor William Woodruff. Featuring 1 Troy Oz. of Proof Quality .9999 Fine Silver, Select Gold Plate, The Crown of His Majesty King George VI, Full Colour Printing, Edge Markings, serial numbers and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. Ships immediately. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.

Royal Canadian Air Force Canada 150 Coin will be redesigned.

Beaverworks Mint is proud to announce the RCAF Canada Fine Silver coin! This 1 Troy Oz. .9999 Fine Silver, Proof Quality, Select Gold Plated and serialized edge marked coin is dedicated to Canada and those who serve, who have served, who will serve and to all those who simply love Canada. Featuring 13 RCAF Maple Leaves taken from the older Roundel, one for each province and territory of Canada, the motto of Canada and motto of the Royal Canadian Air Force. This coin is currently in production and will ship later this year. To pre-order your coin, please click the graphic below:

The CF-188 Hornet Fighter

Below is our magnificent coin dedicated to the CF-188 Hornet. This bird of prey, forever scanning Canadian skies, stands on guard for us. Featuring the magnificent photography of Canada’s leading military aviation photographer Kevin W. Moore and sculpted by our Master Senior Sculptor William Woodruff (WW initials on the left side of the Reverse face). We are honoured to be able to offer this very special coin to collectors. Featuring 1 Troy Oz of .9999 Fine Silver, Proof Quality, Select Gold Plate, Full Colour Printing, current crest of the RCAF, edge markings, serial numbers and a personally signed Certificate of Authenticity by our Chief Designer Joseph Green. These are magnificent works of fine art and an internationally recognized unit of precious metal. Ships immediately. To order yours, please click or tap the image below.


We are currently working hard to keep advancing the dream and vision of producing the 100 Collection to meet with the deadline of 2024. As a small Canadian company, we are working tirelessly to keep advancing forward for what we can, how we can and as fast as possible. These labours of love have been produced as a way to ensure that you, our lovely collectors, or if you are thinking about becoming one of our collectors, will have something that you can pass on to loved ones, something that has intrinsic value, sheer beauty and honours the legacy of the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force along with raising funds for the Royal Canadian Air Force Association. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are working hard to build our reputation, our brand and our legacy for the future. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, or if you are a museum interested in carrying our coins, please feel free to contact us.

Joseph Green

Beaverworks Mint