Supermarine Spitfire Art Proof Misprint

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Here is our Art Proof Misprint of the Supermarine Spitfire. When we started the design, we wanted to create a generalised tribute to the Spitfire and after the process was started, we decided to evolve it to honour the Battle of Britain. Due to being simply overwhelmed with all the details associated with leading this, our Chief Designer made a slight error which was brought to our attention by a lovely aircraft restoration expert whom pointed out that the variant we selected as our reference model was a later model Spitfire used after the Battle of Britain. Our Chief Designer accepts the full responsibility of this error and has admitted the mistake. We have debated long and hard to decide what to do with the 100 samples we manufactured. Rather than destroying them, we have decided to make these available to the general public as a way to secure what will be one of our rarest coins we will ever create and to maintain the artistic integrity of this vision, we will destroy the dies to ensure that no further coins will ever be produced. Without a doubt, our Chief Designer is deeply embarrassed about this oversight on his end and extends his personal and professional apology to those who serve within the RCAF and who to those who have served along side any of the Spitfires while they were in service. We are going to correct this and produce the correct version which will be re-sculpted and new dies will be made and a new coin minted. The model we have selected does not have enough wing mounted cannons and has a 4 blade propeller where the Battle of Britain Spitfire has a 3 blade propeller. Each coin will come with premium packaging and will be serialized. Our customers who are part of our 250 Club will have their serial numbers on the side to maintain the integrity of their collection. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to those who have supported us and understand that for as much as we try to deliver perfection, sometimes even those who try their very best, can still make mistakes. Thank you for understanding everyone. Since admitting our mistake, the level of outpouring of support has been incredibly beautiful and there are no words to express our gratitude. 🙂

Mintage: 100 Art Proof Misprints.
Dies to be destroyed.
-1 Troy Oz. -.9999 Fine Silver
-39mm -Select Gold Plate
-Full Colour Printing -Serialized 
Bullion Ships in Capsule with Premium Packaging

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SKU: MISPRINT- Art Proof Spitfire.

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